He's parodied everyone from Madonna to Green Day to Michael Jackson (twice), but did you know "Weird Al" Yankovic actually mentions Idaho by name in one of his songs?

'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story' has everyone feeling weirded out and excited to learn more about the master of musical comedy. It's coming out this fall, starring Daniel Radcliffe in the titular role.

With the documentary dropping soon, you'll be finding more and more fun facts about Weird Al popping up online, and this one is totally worth sharing.

In 1986, Weird Al already had three successful albums under his belt, and he pulled out all the stops for album #4. Including classics like 'Living With A Hernia' (a painful parody of James Brown's 'Living In America') and 'Christmas At Ground Zero' (an original song about bedlam at the North Pole), it's definitely one of the Al's best albums. Especially track #3.

That song? 'Addicted To Spuds.'

If you thought Weird Al mentioned Idaho in a song that wasn't a love letter to potatoes, you'd be wrong.

We won't spoil the line for you here (it's worth a listen to find it), but you will hear some classic lines such as:

  • "I understand how you must feel
    I can't deny they've got appeal"
  • "Your greasy hands, your salty lips
    Looks like you found the chips"

It's literally a song about someone who is addicted to potatoes. Go figure.

Is there another Weird Al song you love? Jump on Facebook and let us know. It doesn't even have to be about potatoes.

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