Boise State football is on fire right now and the energy surrounding this team just feels different than it has in the last few years. Could this be the year that the Broncos return to a major bowl game and represent "the little guys"? The cards sure are stacked in their favor. The undefeated Boise State team is looking ahead to this weekend's game that is on the road at one of the most intense rivalries the school has: Bringham Young University. A win against BYU could mean the last major test of the season is behind them. No pressure...right?

Injured is Boise State's starting quarterback, Hank Bachmeier. Backup Chase Cord showed his skill last week and that left fans feeling a LITTLE easier. We've been spoiled with some great home games this season and we're all wishing that this one was on our home turf. From our living rooms and favorite bars, we'll be forced to watch.

Planning on watching the game at your home? We're looking for a lucky winner to hook up with some game watching goods. We've got a massive Subway sandwich, some serious Dr. Pepper, and more! Sound like something you want covered while you sit on the edge of your seat and cheer on Boise State? Just enter for your shot to have this on Saturday!


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