It feels like all the good horror movies are set in places that aren't here in Idaho.


Friday the 13th: Camp Crystal Lake - Cunningham County, New Jersey

Nightmare on Elm Street - Springwood, Ohio

Halloween - Haddonfield, Illinois


Sure, those are all great movies. Lots of blood, some great jump scares, and killer soundtracks to boot. But when are we going to get a good, genuinely scary slasher movie that takes place here in the Gem State of Idaho?

Well, we had to cheat a little bit here and turn to our AI friend in ChatGPT. We asked the technology to write us a 1980's slasher movie set in Idaho. You absolutely have to read what AI came up with. It's so silly:

In the heart of the picturesque Idaho wilderness, a group of unsuspecting teens embarks on a relaxing vacation. The air is crisp, the scenery beautiful, and the potatoes abundant. Little do they know that their Idaho getaway is about to become a spud-curdling nightmare.


Amidst the laughter and campfire tales, a killer begins to stalk the woods, their ominous presence growing with each passing night. The teens came for fun, but now they might not leave at all. As they indulge in classic 1980s slasher movie activities – making out, exploring creepy old cabins, and getting lost in the woods – the threat looms ever closer.

Amid screams and chilling encounters, they soon realize that this summer, in Idaho, it's not just the potatoes that are getting mashed. Armed with a potato peeler and a relentless determination, the killer begins to target the unsuspecting vacationers, turning their dream vacation into a tater terror.


Get ready for "Idaho Slash: Tater Terror," a tongue-in-cheek 1980s slasher movie set in the heart of Idaho. With a killer sporting a sinister potato mask and a taste for slicing and dicing, it's a spud-filled massacre of epic proportions. Coming to a theater near you, this film promises to keep you on the edge of your seat – and craving french fries like never before.


We would like to point out that we absolutely did not ask Chat GPT to reference anything about potatoes, or even make a joke in the synopsis.

Even if AI seems to have it out for the great people of Idaho, can we agree that this would make an amazing horror movie? We gotta get this thing greenlit.


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