If you thought that this year was going to be "all-bad", you're wrong. There--I said it. In a year when everything has gone opposite to how we planned it and EVERYTHING imaginable was canceled...Boise, we've got something to look forward to.

As I shared with you just a couple of weeks ago, Western Collective here in Boise announced they would be opening up a pop-up this winter in downtown. Photos leaked of the venue were everything you would ever expect of the popular local brewery-- a warm, trendy, welcoming vibe. Located below the streets of BoDo on 8th, the pop-up, which has been named "The Nighthawk", opens tomorrow, Friday October 30th. If there is ONE thing I recommend you do today, it's reserve your seat or table to experience this.

On Monday night, I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of what I am say is, hands down, the sexiest, warmest room in Boise. I'm not joking. I can confidently tell you there's nothing in town quite like this.  After unveiling their line of wine--which was AMAZING by the way-- owners Melissa & Cary shared the story and the meaning behind their brands. I can easily say, as with all things that these two seem to do together, that their desired end result was nothing shy of the target.

Believe me when I say by the time I left The Nighthawk, I was completely blown away. The drinks, the people, the room-- all of it was on point. What I didn't realize until I left was that I don't think I touched my phone more than twice for about two hours. Imagine being somewhere amazing--and NOT touching your phone to take a million pictures? Hasn't that become our instinct?

What I'll say about Melissa, Cary, Western Collective and now The Nighthawk is that these amazing humans and their teams have a way of cultivating such a positive energy and making you just be PRESENT.  I haven't been so thankful for the opportunity to just relax and enjoy the moment in a very long time.

The Nighthawk, take my word for it, is a testament to what it means to be LOCAL and thriving here in the Treasure Valley.  It's really good people with really good energy coming together to create something great that I believe, will leave people inspired to do the same.

Interested in checking out The Nighthawk? CLICK HERE.

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