You spoke and we listened, and laughed. I asked on Facebook what every Idaho BBQ needs and the responses ranged from strange, interesting, funny, spot on and mouth watering. The one that I was surprised didn't come up was fry sauce. So that is one I am adding to the list. Now lets take a peek at your responses:

Kassandra - Potato salad

Cooper -Retro white Sketchers, an older middle age man, and a lawnmower aside from the grill

Bert - Chips salads pop or water hamburgers and hotdogs

Gris - Beer! Lol

Collin - Mtn dew, Dr Pepper,Pepsi,and sprite or really every soda

Dustin - Cold drinks

Aaron - Someone that actually knows how to BBQ

D.b. -Family and friends

Audrey - Cole slaw and cornbread with honey butter!!

Cathy - Rocky mountain oysters

Jessica - Baked beans even tho I hate them it still goes good with it

Jonetta - A Spuds-mackenzie ;)

Kerstyn - Baked potatoes!

Belinda - Potato salad

Klint - Need to send me a

Clayton - Crawfish, catfish and alligator nuggets with fried pork skins as an appetizer! - To which Aaron replied with - now that's my kinda party :)

Sarah - Potato Salad, chips, Macaroni Salad, and/or ribs

Jenn - Mac n Cheese

Kate - Potato skins!

Brittany - A drunk relative who makes a fool out of themselves for others amusement.

So what do you think, what did we miss? I am feeling like this would be a pretty random but delicious BBQ if everyone brought what they suggested.

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