Naturally, when Mayor Bieter declared a state of Emergency for Boise, we all panicked a little inside (some of us not-so-inside). The reason was to make sure we're all made to feel safe in this extreme weather. 

You know all those complaints about ACHD not plowing your road or downtown being a mess or the sidewalks piled with snow? The city of Boise heard you and ACHD has been working tirelessly to follow through on their plow plan.

A spokesman for the City of Boise said, “It’s largely an administrative tool to put resources where we need to put them at the moment." They're working to clear snow off the roads, sidewalks and crosswalks in Downtown Boise.

Yes our weather is bad.

Yes, it's dangerous on the roads (now with subzero temps)

No, this isn't to freak us all out.

We all need to find a way to clear the valley.  The solution has been found.



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