It's game time! You've prepared, planned, and now that specialized Halloween costume is ready for your little to showcase. I bet you had a runway with all the neighbor moms to stand by and gaze like the New York Fashion Show.

What happens when your kid decides that after all that hard work that it's not gonna happen. The mask you pieced, painted and paper mache'd together look like it might never see the sight of Halloween Night! That's what happened to my wife. She worked tirelessly on that Jack Skellington costume for 2 weeks and Lennox decided he'd rather just wear a beanie.

Let me rewind a bit because Lennox really did try but after one fall on the grass, because it was too dark, my tired wife put it away. That's when super daddy stepped in and saved the day!

I'm just kidding about all that superhero stuff. I did decide that everyone was gonna see that mask and I wore it. Rocked Jack Skellington like a BOSS! This wasn't just any old Halloween add-on that my wife put together. Paige spent weeks with a newborn, breastfeeding, pumping and raising them both while I got to play at work.

There was no way I was going to let her down and I looked pretty damn handsome in that mask. I told her that people would pay if she customized costumes. She is brilliant, amazing and irreplaceable. A big should out to all the parents who sacrifice the things that used to be most important to the moments that ARE most valuable. I applaud all of you. Here's a snapshot of her working while all of us were sleeping. We all know who the real Superwoman is.

Halloween Costumes

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