Other than Miss Cleo (R.I.P.), none of us can truly tell the future. Can we predict what might happen in the future if certain events take place? Of course. Can we use math and science to accurately state what is to come? Sometimes.

Are we, in 2023, confident of the exact outcome of certain goings on? With AI and chatbots running amuck, it's hard not to. They're writing our school papers, creating our art, and even making music now. So shouldn't those same robots be able to tell us what'll happen in Idaho in the future? Let's find out.

We took the liberty of asking ChatGPT, the go-to AI writing tool online currently, "What would happen if the state of Idaho legalized marijuana?"

No one has the answers, so why not ask AI, right? Here's what they had to say:

If Idaho legalized marijuana, several things could happen. Here are some possible outcomes:

  1. Increased tax revenue: Legalizing marijuana would allow the state to tax the sale and distribution of the drug, which could generate significant revenue for the state.
  2. Reduced law enforcement costs: Legalizing marijuana would reduce the costs associated with enforcing drug laws, such as arrests, prosecutions, and incarcerations.
  3. Economic growth: The legal marijuana industry could create jobs and stimulate economic growth, particularly in agriculture and tourism.
  4. Increased access to marijuana: Legalizing marijuana would make it easier for people to access the drug, which could lead to increased use and potentially more cases of addiction or other negative health outcomes.
  5. Social and cultural changes: Legalizing marijuana could have broader social and cultural implications, potentially changing attitudes toward drug use and public policy in the state.

Whoa. Apparently ChatGPT is a huge stoner.

Well that answers that. The robots want marijuana legalized in the Gem State, and really don't want to anger our robot overlords, do we?

No. No we do not. Let's hear your take.

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