2,500 acres destroyed.  1 family's home brought to just ashes. An entire city's icon damaged--all because of ignorant use of fireworks just under a week ago.

103.5 KISSFM was the first media outlet to go live and report the fire that broke out on Table Rock last week.  The fire was devastating to so many. Land destroyed, personal property destroyed, plans forced to change due to hiking trails being closed--but what hit me the hardest was seeing something so unique and iconic to our city damaged like that.  The fire was completely preventable.  When I go home from the studios, I usually Snapchat my friends from college the stoplight at Beacon and Park Center to show how GORGEOUS that landscape is.

Now, a motivated citizen who lived less than 50 yards away from the fire line and narrowly protected his home wants to see someone step up with information.  It seems someone has to know who was lighting off fireworks that night.  Maybe a friend that was invited to join but didn't make it out or maybe someone just familiar with the culprit(s).  It doesn't matter who you are-- $5,000 can be yours for any information leading to the arrest of those that started the fire.

The reward will be offered through Crime Stoppers and anyone with information should call (208) 343-COPS (2677).

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