It’s almost impossible to acknowledge all the different non-profits that offer up support in their prevention month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. That’s just two.

October is also Bullying Prevention Month and there are so many of us who had no idea. I just think one person can only focus on so many things right? It’s when you impacted by something so emotional and personal that one of these becomes your philanthropy.

I’m personally there for whoever needs it. Abuse is a nasty word. I’ve dealt with it, been counseled on it, and have about 13 years of stories trapped in a place I only go each April. Abuse is my weakness but also my strength. I’m there for you.

What Can You Do? I’d like you to share this message. Start the dialogue. Get people talking. This IS a life or death situation.

It’s so easy for some of us to not get bullying or understand it. Let me give you some insight that scares me having a 5-year-old son. I might have been picked on in the 7th grade but when I left school it was over. Today that is not the same scenario.

Think about this. Let’s say you’re being picked on because kids think you’re fat, poor, or just different. Here’s what 2019 looks like for them.

  1. They get photos taken of them and turned into MEME opportunities on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Students then begin liking those posts including that person's “so-called” friends.
  3. Some students get in on that bullying with Twitter posts.
  4. One kid has a Youtube channel that spends all of his time making fun of his student.
  5. Her cell phone number leaks and now she’s getting hate-filled texts from several phone numbers.

All of that happened before she went to bed on the first day. The days of “just get tough and stand up for yourself” is over. These kids need to be armed with more than a motivational speech. Life is harder for them now that it ever was for us then. The sooner WE toughen up, back down our own egos, and try to relate on their level, the better off everyone will be.

I'll leave you with this. Everyone who reads this blog please share it. I don't care about clicks or shares for stats. The only statistic I'm concerned with is the number of suicides and depression that plague these kids. This doesn't end when they graduate. These scars will follow them forever.

Please use this moment to have that discussion one more time. Make sure they know you're listening and they have someone in their corner. Educate yourself on how to handle them. Parenting is harder today and you need to be equipped as well. Nobody wants to look back and say, "what if?"

Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) has been a great advocate for our child abuse prevention campaign that we do in April. Aaron is also his wife, Lauren's #1 fan when it comes to her passion for anti-bullying. There is a great place I would love you to research and it's Lauren put this platform together with her team and it helps tackle the issue of bullying. If you're looking for a resource or some direction on helping on in the community peep that site.

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