Hello hello, my beautiful neighbors of the Treasure Valley!

If you live anywhere near downtown Boise, especially around The Bench or Federal Way, you’ve probably heard of Bad Boy Burgers.

Their food is not only quick and convenient, but incredibly tasty.



They literally have everything from delicious burgers, mouthwatering shakes, Idaho classics like finger steaks and breakfast that is to die for.

You’d think that with a menu this extensive, their food would just be average…

But that’s simply not the case. 

I’m not going to disclose how many times I frequent this establishment (especially when I’m hungover – let’s be honest), but it’s safe to say that I am a huge fan.


That’s why we were ecstatic to partner with them and to start a segment called, “What’s Between the Buns?”

Or, more specifically and hilariously, “What’s Between Stephanie G.’s Buns?” – Space Buns, that is.


Stephanie Gull, Townsquare Media
Stephanie Gull, Townsquare Media


What is this new segment?

Every Wednesday at noon, I am going to post an Instagram story asking some sort of trivia question…

It could be about current music, upcoming events, random singers or bands that I love – anything goes!

Basically, what is going on inside my head, between my space buns?


What happens if you guess the question correctly?

I’m going to randomly select a winner from the people who guess it correctly, and they will receive a FIFTY DOLLAR ($50) gift card to Bad Boy Burgers!

And let's be serious – fifty dollars can buy a lot of burgers. Or finger steaks. Or milkshakes. Or whatever food you’re into.

Plus, we’re going to be doing this every single week, so there will be so many chances to win!


So make sure to follow 103.5 KISS FM and Stephanie G. on Instagram, and get ready to win some trivia questions and gift cards every Wednesday starting at 12:00 pm.

Good luck!

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