Earthquakes, Killer Hornets, COVID-19...that's enough for a year, right? Nah- of course not! It's 2020! Why not add ONE MORE thing to the list.

It's nothing new to the Treasure Valley but it certainly IS something to be well aware of: West Nile Virus.

Every summer you see it in the news and it's a real thing when it comes to mosquitos zipping around the Treasure Valley. Growing up, a friends mom caught the virus from a mosquito and I remember her having awful symptoms.

Just announced by health officials this week, not only have there been positive cases in Canyon County as we shared a couple of weeks ago, but now Boise has had positive sampling.

According to the release "several" mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile Virus in Boise near Five Mile Road & Edna Street and there were two locations in Canyon County with positive results-- North of Nampa and around Wilder.

As always, health officials recommend that you remove any standing water around your home or wherever you're spending time and that you wear long sleeves especially in the evening. Repellants with Deet work best.

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