Just the tip? Or not, Idaho. A recent survey's findings show that when it comes to leaving a tip, Idaho is the WORST. This is totally unfortunate for customer service workers--but is it accurate?

I've worked at various radio stations in various capacities since I was 14-years-old...and the older I get the more strange that feels to say. However, I've always KNOWN that I would have been horrible working in customer service simply because I have a low tolerance for humans and those types of high maintenance people you occasionally see out at restaurants and bars.

I ADMIRE people that are so good at customer service no matter the venue because it makes the consumer experience so much more positive. I'm friends with a lot of service industry folks here in the Treasure Valley and in my experience talking to them, it seems like WHERE you work in town has a lot to do with how you're tipped.  I once dated a girl in college that introduced me to the world of tipping because she was a bartender--prior to that, I was totally ignorant to it.  Now I know the whole routine for the proper tip...move the decimal over one spot and multiply by two!!

A report done by the good folks over at MoneyPenny.com seems to say that my peers here in Idaho aren't so good...in fact, they are saying Idaho is the WORST State for tipping in the nation. Waitstaff compensation averaged 16.71% gratuity after eating out...the only state lower than 17%.

The best in the nation? That came out to be New Hampshire at an average of 20.4%.

What's your tipping procedure? Post up and let us know!


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