With only 3% of Boise commuters spending more than 60 minutes commuting to work (the best rate in the country) , low unemployment rate and great outdoor recreation, it's no surprise that we ranked #5 for cities with the best work-life balance!

Madison, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Omaha, Nebraska beat us with the top 3 spots but I think top 5 is pretty dope. I love checking for where Boise ranks on these lists vs Seattle so I can feel even better about making my move from the PNW. Boise beat Sea out by 20 spots this particular time.

We live in a society that equates working more, doing more and making more to being successful. And those are very admirable things. But what about.. real life? What about friends and family and being active and spending time on passion projects and hobbies outside of your office? I've really made an active effort at making sure I keep a healthy work-life balance. Yes, careers are obviously important.. but making sure you're happy outside of the workplace is even more valuable. You can't bring your best self to work every day if you aren't being fulfilled in other ways. Something to definitely think about and check yourself on a regular basis to make sure you don't get burnt out at your job.

Peep the full list below!


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