When I moved here to Boise almost one year ago, I immediately noticed the difference between my new city and my old city. Coming from Seattle, I'm pretty familiar with what's called the "Seattle Freeze", and I was probably apart of it.

People in Seattle are known for minding their business and not going out of their way to meet or welcome newcomers. With that said, I didn't know my neighbors names, had never seen or met them or said hello. I lived in the same house for six years.

Here in Boise, I met my next door neighbors before I even moved into my house. They've fed my cats on some weekends when I've been gone, they text me if I've got a package outside of my house, and they mow my lawn for me! My neighbors are not just dope, they're nice. Something I'm not used to being from Seattle.

So I've got to say, I'm a little shocked that Idaho didn't come out higher on this list of 'friendliest states'. We didn't even crack the top ten. Here's how we sized up against the other states:

  1. Minnesota
  2. Tennessee
  3. South Carolina
  4. Texas
  5. Wyoming
  6. Indiana
  7. Colorado
  8. Kansas
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Hawaii
  11. Ohio
  12. Louisiana
  13. Nebraska
  14. Illinois
  15. Idaho
  16. Georgia
  17. New Mexico
  18. Pennsylvania
  19. Kentucky
  20. South Dakota
  21. Alabama
  22. Missouri
  23. Mississippi
  24. Oregon
  25. North Dakota

15th?! I guess it's better than most, Washington was almost dead last at 45th, with the Seattle freeze that I mentioned above cited.

Think we're friendlier than anyone who topped us? Full list of 50 available here. 

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