Contrary to popular belief fry sauce is more than just mixing ketchup and mayo together. It's actually a tasty, tangy mixture of tomato concentrate, lemon juice, eggs, and a whole bunch of other ingredients.

Fry sauce was first invented by the popular food chain, Arctic Circle. They've been proudly serving it to happy customers for more than 60 years now. While many competitors have attempted to create their own version of It, none really hits the way original fry sauce does. In fact, Arctic Circle says that their fry sauce, "stands out as the most imitated, and also the least duplicated."

Here in Idaho, we love to put fry sauce on pretty much everything! While the rest of the country probably sees us having potatoes as a staple in all of our kitchens, it's really fry sauce that we can't live without.

So how do you go about getting your hands on your own bottle of fry sauce? You could just pull up to a drive-through window and ask for gobs of fry sauce. Most Arctic Circles themselves however limit fry sauce to just two at a time. You'll also see tons of fry sauce dupes out there on Amazon and in grocery stores so you have to make sure you're purchasing the original Fry Sauce.

you live in Utah where Arctic Circle originated, you can walk in and purchase a bottle in stores. If you live anywhere outside of Utah, luckily Arctic Circle does have their Fry Sauce listed on Amazon. A 16 oz bottle is priced at $19.99. Worth it? Totally.

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