Which princess is the first one who comes to mind when I ask: "Who is your favorite?" Let's see if everyone else in Idaho agrees with you. Yes, this was a legit study and yes, I'm totally sharing the results. 

I'm sitting here wondering if I should admit what I'm about to say.


Still pondering.

Okay, I think I'm brave enough to say it.

I'm not a fan of Disney princesses.

Any gasps?

I'm not normal, I'm finding. I think there's a little bit of my imagination missing to where I'm not drawn to princesses. Even as a little girl, I wasn't all about it.

Until Halloween this year.

I dressed up for Halloween as Snow White. I had done this once before a couple of years back and just threw some stuff together. Since I knew I could pull it off a little bit, I decided to do it again but buy a real costume this time around. About a week before Halloween, I got a very legit Snow White costume and went out to talk to kids. It changed me.

You can see magic in the kids' eyes when a princess walks in (real or, well, me).

Back to the point. A study was done asking people in each state which Disney princess was their favorite.

Idaho has spoken and we said...


We love Belle.

For each state click on the DISNEY PRINCESS MAP.

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