There are some "things" that are just SO Boise--this happens to be one of them. If you were to ask a group of Idahoans what they love the most, you might hear a bunch of similar answers: local craft restaurants or beer, hiking, the outdoors--and their dogs.

Outdoor activities, dog friendly businesses and patios, among many other factors all make dogs very popular in the Treasure Valley.

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department wants residents of the Treasure Valley to know that starting next Tuesday, November 1st, Ann Morrison Park AND Optimist Youth Sports Complex will become "off-leash" friendly for local dogs.

These parks have taken a beating over the summer--in the best way possible. Events, gatherings, sporting competitions, and casual use has put these parks among the best in the city. Now, as usage is going down and our pets are looking for their last chance at sunny, decent-weathered days before it gets snowy and slushy outside.

Who let the dogs out?

You, you.

Going leash free is a blast for your doggos--so get out there and enjoy the big spacious grassy parks while you can!

Speaking of pets- did you know that there are some types of animals that are actually illegal to own and domesticate as pets in the City of Boise? We might love our cats and dogs around here--along with some popular other types--but these are simply off limits and you won't catch them running around "off leash" at a nearby park. Check them out below: 

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