I am fully aware that I am an awkward person.

I’ve spent many years tucking and rolling out of situations that I unintentionally made awkward, to the point where I rarely get embarrassed anymore. I just think it’s funny now.

“Whoops, that was super weird of me. Sorry, bye now.” 


I think we’ve all accidentally been awkward at one time or another though. 

Whether you’re a frequent flier like me, or you had an awkward encounter once when you were 16, we’ve all been there. 

It’s weird, it’s funny, we’re all human, it happens.


But I’m not talking about those kinds of moments in this article… 

I’m talking about those straight up, flat out cringe-worthy moments, where everyone is looking at the person doing these with a combination of disgust and annoyance. 

We’ve all seen these happen, and it has led me to question how some of these people were raised and how they thought these were a good idea.

I don’t want to say that I’m judging them… but I’ve certainly got questions.

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