Technically it is still fall, but it is feeling more and more like winter every day. We even had some literal freezing temperature days. And for the fifth day in a row we've had to endure a consistent downpour of rain. It's caused accidents on the roadways, bad hair days, and lots of gloom. Still, this is better than a brutal, blistering summer.

Let's start with the inside of your home. The power bill is less expensive in the winter. It costs more to cool the home than warm it. At least that's what my power and gas bill have proved. And if you don't want to bother with putting on the heater at all, you can always thrown on cozy sweaters, pants, and socks and cloak yourself in thick blankets. There's only so much you can take off in the summer to get cool. In fact, even if you're stark naked, you can still be really hot.

In winter you don't have to worry about your "bikini bod." No one is going out to the pool. It's all about layers. and no one can tell what's going on with your body if it's under layers of warm clothes. I mean, ideally everyone would be comfortable in any attire at any size, but we were raised with unrealistic body standards and it's just easier to not deal with them in the winter.

And of course winter has all the holidays! And nothing is better than Christmas in Idaho, there's so much to do and experience! Don't get the same kind of fun during the summer. So maybe you're lamenting the cold weather right now, but if you take a moment to think back on how sticky, hot, and expensive summer was you might appreciate that we're fast approaching winter.

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