The move to legalize marijuana at the state level continues across the country. According to the Post Register, Montana now legalized recreational marijuana. Last year, pro-pot activists did their best to push a limited use medical marijuana bill that, unfortunately for them, went nowhere in the Idaho Legislature.  

Special interests groups continue to crisscross the state seeking signatures for a ballot petition that allows voters to decide on marijuana legalization. The legislature will once again be the home for hearings involving the benefits of medical marijuana, how much money that state could be making by legalization, and other too good to be true promises. 

Mark Renders / Stringer
Mark Renders / Stringer

Idaho's Governor

Idaho Governor Brad Little declared years ago that he would not be the governor who would legalize marijuana. The media will write and broadcast several pro-pot stories. Fortunately, our lawmakers have an open ear to the concerns of law enforcement agencies across the state. It took the pro-hemp lobby years to get that plant legalized.  


Idaho's Law Enforcement

Idaho law enforcement continues to lobby against legalizing marijuana rightfully. Like other states, our state is currently under siege from the illegal drug Fentanyl.  You can read our coverage of this issue here.  Legalizing marijuana would contribute to more deaths in our homes and highways. Idaho has a higher than average rate of alcoholism. It's an inside joke about whether they have been arrested for drinking under the influence. Legalizing marijuana, a mind-altering drug, would endanger Idahoans and law enforcement.  

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The Challenge of Medical Marijuana

Sadly once medical marijuana is legalized, recreational legalization soon follows. We've seen so-called 'doctor shopping' in legalized states that make a mockery of prescribing marijuana for medical issues. Last year, KTVB reported that the Idaho Senate passed a constitutional amendment banning legalizing marijuana and other drugs.  

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