Life felt on pause today and I hope that doesn't seem too dramatic considering I have zero connection with Kobe Bryant. Is that true? Writing this I'm actually feeling like that's a disrespectful comment. We all had a connection.

My co-host Kat Fisher texted me today and I feverishly started looking for coverage almost like a verification hoping that it wasn't true. That search was met with a heartbreaking realization that everything Kat said was true. Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash.

I think I wrote in an earlier post you might witness more grown men in tears following this announcement than you might ever see at one time. Sports have a way of doing that to you and what Kobe Bryant did on the court moved millions from California to Japan.

Why should we care especially if we're not even Kobe fans? What if you're not a basketball fan? Kobe's daughter was also on that helicopter. I learned that Kobe was the happiest ever and not because he retired. Kobe went out of this league scoring a final 60 points and will be in everyone's top 5 of all time. Kobe was not a father first, a coach, husband and women's advocate for professional sports.

We should care because sat by his daughter courtside and tried to educate her about the game he loved so much. There is a video that is circulating that is also heartbreaking.

I was watching the Grammy's tonight and wondered how they would open. What would they do considering the Grammy Awards are being held in Staples Center. This is how Alicia Keys and Boyz II Men did it.

I was reading online today as people spoke out locally and nationally about what he meant to them. Everyone has a different story and we should all have someone that inspires us. Inspiration is what drives us to be who we are and helps up reach how far we wanna go. Someone posted up on Instagram this message.

I saw a post from our own Aaron Paul who is also a new daddy posted this.

I think as the rest of the week unfolds more information will come out including everyone else on that helicopter. I'm sure everyone inspired someone and touched others. We should care because we need people like Kobe in our lives. Kobe wasn't just a basketball player, your mentor wasn't just a boss, that person wasn't just a president to you and that musical artist doesn't just sing. We should all have people that move us and that's what Kobe was for so many people.

I'd challenge you to find that person for you. Be that person for somebody else. Be there for your children and don't take for granted the moments you have with them. I leave you with this. I can't find this post but someone wrote this and it's so right. Never take for granted the time you made it home safe from work. Life is good. Cherish every moment with everyone you love.


I'll leave you with this and hopefully, it makes you think - for today is here and tomorrow could be gone - in a blink.


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