Over the weekend, 60 dogs were flown from San Antonio to Idaho to find their new forever homes.

Why? Pet overpopulation. San Antonio doesn't have enough room to house the large number of pups they have there, so they send them to locations where they're much more likely to find a loving home. Like Idaho. The program is sponsored by San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA), and has been going on since 2015.

Gabby Uresti, a vet clinic manager at SAPA, says sending the dogs to Idaho is the perfect solution to San Antonio's pet overpopulation issue:

We send them over there because Idaho, unlike San Antonio, they don’t have a pet overpopulation problem, so they have waiting lists for the animals that we send to them. People are just waiting to adopt animals from the shelter.

Over 500 dogs were saved from being euthanized last year thanks to SAPA.


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