An unexpected call to Nampa Police lead to a scene that looked straight out of a crime thriller. More specifically, Breaking Bad.

KTVB reports that Nampa PD, hazmat teams, and forensics experts were all on the scene at a Nampa home on Sunday. A resident in the home called police claiming there was a meth lab inside. Soon after they arrived, authorities confirmed the phone call to be correct. Neighbors claim police have visited numerous times prior to Sunday's incident, so this wasn't quite as sudden and out of the blue as it may seem.

The hazmat teams and Nampa PD were on the scene for hours investigating and collecting evidence, but so far no arrests have been made. That'll change soon, as warrants are likely to be issued to involved parties as evidence is analyzed and more proof comes to light.

Stay away from drugs, kids. They're not something to meth around with.

I'll see myself out.



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