Boise State is getting rid of their wrestling program in favor of a college baseball team.

Are they making the right move?

So why the change? Boise State's wrestling team went 2-9 this season, and they fired their long-term head coach in 2016. However, that doesn't justify getting rid of the program entirely.

Unfortunately, it all comes down to money. BSU's wrestling program generated $115,000 last season, but cost the school over $467,000. It's difficult to argue with those numbers. Boise State believes having a varsity baseball team will generate more money for the school.

Everything that follows is strictly my opinion based on my experience. I wrestled in middle school and high school, and it's a big part of what made me who I am today. While not the most popular high school or college sport, wrestling is superb in so many ways. It's an extremely difficult sport which teaches you sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, respect, and passion. I could go on and on about why wrestling is important to me, but it's difficult to explain until you've taken part in one of the world's oldest sports.

I wish the best of luck to BSU's baseball team. It's just a difficult pill to swallow since it comes at the cost of a fantastic wrestling program.

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