Artificial intelligence is pretty much everywhere in 2023.

On hold with customer service? A robot is deciding where to transfer your call.

Looking for a product online? AI will make sure those ads follow you on every device you use until the end of time.

Looking for an answer about a product you purchased? Every article written on it was probably constructed by AI.

It's everywhere. AI can now write for us, decide for us, and even speak for us.

Yup. AI has gotten to the point where you can type out a script, and a true-to-life voice will read it word for word, just like a human would. Does this mean your favorite radio DJs could be replaced by AI in the future?

Honestly, any job could be replaced by technology at any time, so it's impossible to completely rule it out. But we're hoping that the human connection we try to bring to you every single day on the radio isn't replicated by artificial intelligence anytime soon.

It just wouldn't be the same to call in to win tickets only to hear a monotone robot tell you "YOU HAVE WON. PLEASE REMAIN ON LINE FOR DETAILS. BZZZZT." Kinda muddies up the experience, doesn't it?

What do you think? Will Brooke and Jeffrey be replaced by robots? Will Mateo eventually come a self-aware android who's sole purpose is giving out free concert tickets? Could Chris Cruise be programmed to somehow speak even faster?

We're looking to the future for answers. They're pretty scary.

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