I recently posted about how much I love the future when we found out that the Treasure Valley was going to get a mixed-use automated beer wall at a new Flying Pie Pizza in Nampa. I also saw many commenters welcoming Idaho into 2018 when we recently passed a bill protecting mothers breastfeeding in public. Now, it looks like there is more indication Idaho is leaping into the future with a more open and accepting mindset.

Today, KTVB reported the House panel cleared a bill to legalize medicinal cannabidiol "CBD oil" in Idaho. The oil is extracted from a different part the marijuana plant and only contains small amounts of THC.

Look, I'm not going to start a debate on the pro's or con's of legalizing marijuana, that's not what this is about. And frankly, Idaho isn't ready for that conversation. But what I will say is that this bill can really help people who need it. CBD oil is used safely by people who have epilepsy, Parkson's disease, and diabetes. There is no way to overdose on CBD.

When I lived in Oregon, I used CBD oil legally, and it helped with stress, anxiety, and inflammation. The KTVB report brought up another a good point. With Idaho's opioid epidemic this could help prevent people in our community from starting the addiction to pain pills, to begin with.

Good ole Butch vetoed the bill years ago claiming "more research needed to be done." The bill (House Bill 577)  will still need to pass the House and Senate floor plus get a signature from "Governor buzz kill" before it becomes law.

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