Even if you don't follow celebrity news, there is one story that is absolutely dominating headlines at the moment: Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Taylor has been spotted at numerous Chiefs games already, both in the company of Kelce's mom, and most recently with a bunch of celebrity friends in tow. Meaning, if Taylor and Travis are trying to keep their relationship on the downlow, they're doing a terrible job.

They're everywhere! If you watch any NFL game, Taylor Swift's name is bound to come up. Any time you hear Taylor Swift mentioned anywhere, Kelce's name pops up. You get the idea.

That lead us to this question: If Taylor Swift has been seen at several NFL games over the past few weeks, what are the odds that she'll show up to this weekend's Boise State Game at Albertons Stadium?

Because, yes, this is a rumor we've actually seen a few Swifties laying claim to on social media.

We put our crack team of investigators (i.e. our DJs who have access to the internet) on the case, and here's what we've found out:

No. Taylor Swift will (probably) not be attending the Boise State game this weekend. Yes, we know you love her, and it would mean the world to be in the same stadium and breath the same air as Taylor, but as of the writing of this article, there is no conclusive proof that Taylor Swift will be spotted in Boise this weekend.

That being said, we're packing our Kelce jerseys to the game just in case.


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