If you've been to a movie theatre in the past week or so, we're sure you've witnessed this scene:

A few part-time theatre employees are taking down all the pink Barbie stuff, and immediately replacing it with glittery Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour stuff.

Then you begin to notice the influx of Taylor Swift fans into the theatre. Sparkles, cowboy hats, costumes from every single era. They're pretty hard to miss.

And those fans are coming out in droves. Taylor's latest project is making gazillions of dollars, so that only means one thing: There already has to be a sequel in the works, right?

More importantly, is Idaho going to be featured in Taylor's next movie? Well, a few things would need to happen first. Let's go down the list, shall we?


We'd need Taylor to announce a new U.S. tour, which at the very earliest we'd guess would be 2025, since she already has 2024 North American Eras Tour dates set.

Then, fingers crossed that Taylor has at least one date in Idaho. What city? What venue? We have no idea, we just want her to come here.

Finally, Taylor and her team would need to come to an agreement that their Idaho concert footage is simply so good that they simply can't leave it out of the film.


So, if all three of those things happen to come to fruition in the foreseeable future, then yes, perhaps Idaho will get some screen time when Taylor Swift releases her next concert film!

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