There are 103 keys and one will start a 2015 jet black Mazda 3 from Team Mazda Subaru. The very first key is given away on Thursday morning. How can you have a chance at getting one of the first keys? Well, it's simple...

Become a Friends with Benefits and make sure you get the Friends with Benefits newsletter. Check the box "yes" to receive it and watch your email on Wednesday night.

Because we're dealing with a brand new car, we won't mess around and send you on some wild goose chase. Here's exactly what to do.

Go to and look for this:

103.5 Kiss Fm Boise #teamkisscar

See where it tells you to enter your email address? Do it. If you aren't a Friends with Benefits, click HERE to register. It's free and it's quick and we hook you up like crazy.

Watch your email Wednesday night (if you wake up early, you can take a peek on Thursday morning but do it before 6:00) and there is where you will receive special instructions on how you can get your hands on the key that could start a 2015 Mazda 3 from Team Mazda Subaru.

Also, there are more ways to win. You can listen to anyone on the radio, you can win online (don't forget to click Listen Live while you're there) and, third, you can win at Team Mazda Subaru each Saturday in August.


Do we have everything covered?

More coming to an email near you.

Let's do this! Good luck!

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