It's just a few minutes before midnight and I wanted to get this quick blog out after watching the Golden Globes tonight. I'm definitely not the guy that really gets into all these award shows but my wife LOVES the red carpet. I was trying to catch the end of the wild-card games and the beginning of the red carpet events started at like 2 p.m. Needless to say we watched a lot of dresses cross that runway and I caught the alerts on my cell. That said, it was really good and not because of the awards. The movement we started 10 years ago is no longer something to whisper. The Golden Globes brought abuse to the forefront of television Sunday night.

The Golden Globes Championed by Women Sunday Night

Sunday night was a powerful moment. We heard a few jokes from Seth Meyers regarding the President and politics but I think he played it safe. Smartly, the night was about the women. The evening belonged abuse survivors, victims, activist and the call to stand up. I heard more jokes about the men in Hollywood then I expected. These Golden Globes will be forever remembered as the night Hollywood punched back against discrimination. Fellow actors and actresses to hard shots at men they co-starred next to. The gloves were off and Oprah had the mic drop moment of the night. While most of the winners received the courtesy music towards the end of the music hinting to wrap it up - there was NO rushing Oprah. This speech went for almost 10 minutes and could be one of the most inspiring speeches I've ever heard from arguably the most influential woman in the world.

One of my favorite moments of the night was during an acceptance speech from Frances McDormand,

“Trust me: the women in this room tonight are not here for the food. We are here for the work. Thank you."

I'm an only child, but not really. My father remarried when I was younger and that gave me three stepbrothers and later a half-sister. I don't look at any of them as step or half. That's my family. Period.

I was raised to respect any and everyone. Today is my dad's birthday and If he was still here today he would have been cheering for those women tonight. My dad taught me as I teach our son that we don't discriminate or judge. We just love and be kind to one another. I know that may seem cliché, but it isn't.

Drop some anti-gay, racist or anti-feminist trash in front of my family. My mother would toss you out herself. We don't play that game and that's how I was raised. It's our responsibility to teach our kids that it's not okay. Abusive behavior isn't acceptable and there's no place for discrimination.

Please take a few minutes to watch some of these unbelievable speeches given by some very powerful women. The #metoo #timesup movements are just beginning and we should be standing up in our own communities to make

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