I in no way, shape or form am encouraging you to go grab your tube and jump in the Boise River right now.

But...if you've got the guts to do exactly that it might be worth the four hour drive to Lava Hot Springs, ID! The town located southeast of Pocatello throws one of the "Top 10 Zaniest Winter Festivals" in the world every February (as named by the USA Today) and it's signature event is one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard!

It's the Polar Float Parade! Hundreds of people are brave enough to strip down to their bathing suits, dress up in costumes and jump into the Portneuf river for a bone chilling 1/4 mile float and chance to score bragging rights in the costume contest.  They pick the best group costume and individual costume from all the contestants that paid $10 to be part of the insanity! If you survive the float, you get to hang at Lava's World Famous Hot Pools.

While I'm 50/50 on whether or not I'd have enough guts to be in the float, I'm all about the other insane event during the Fire & Ice Winter Festival.  The next day is the Running of the Bulls! It's a race where runners race own Main Street in just a swim suit and flip flops, snow, shine or freezing temps.  An added challenge?  The runners have to soak and run from pool to pool. I mean after running up the Bruneau Sand Dunes and through 4 inches of snow, this sounds like the next logical challenge for my running bucket list, right?

The Fire & Ice Winter Festival takes place the first full weekend of February every year.  And if you're not into crazy, freeze your arse off challenges, the festival does feature more tame events like a "Dive-In Movie" at the indoor pool facility, torch light parade and wine tasting.

Thinking about the road trip? Find the complete schedule of events HERE.

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