It doesn't take long to realize that folks here in the City of Boise, LOVE this city! Being a native myself, this city is my absolute pride and joy. There are always things to improve on and there are always things that only a local like myself will understand. The general consensus, however, is that no matter how you feel about droves of folks moving into the Treasure Valley--I think that we can all agree that we know WHY they're moving here. A vibrant downtown, a family friendly environment, some great schools, four bold and distinct seasons, top notch college football...I could go on.

Now, more than ever, the City of Boise is asking for OUR input and this could be YOUR shot to bring to light a great idea. How about being the person behind a truly lasting imprint on our city?

It isn't every day that the City of Boise--aka the City of Trees--just opens up a brand new public park.  It is happening downtown on 11th & Bannock and now, it needs a name.

This is totally where you come in--what would YOU name this park?

According to the form located online via the City of Boise, name nominations for the brand new park need to include a few things:

  • They should be culturally, historically, or environmentally significant
  • They can be in ANY language
  • They must NOT be named after any: individual, company, or organization unless it has significance to the area or ties to the greater City of Boise.

Due to these guidelines, my idea of "Parky McPark Face" will not fly...but maybe you have something more creative?

Submit your ideas, HERE.

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