It's the little things we forget about until someone who isn't from Idaho brings it up. "Do you see potatoes everywhere?" or the fact that we consider one of our seasons to be named construction. Add to the list if anything has been forgotten. You know you're from Idaho when...

  • You know the difference between mountains and foothills
  • All four seasons can be experienced in 24 hours
  • You ask for fry sauce over everything else
  • You've been late because you were stuck behind a tractor on the road
  • You roll your eyes so hard when someone puts a Z in Boise. It's Boy-SEE not Boy-Zee
  • You aren't phased by the fact that it doesn't get dark until 10 p.m. in the summer
  • You mention you are in need of something (anything) and you have droves of people on your doorstep immediately
  • Floating the river is a summer activity
  • Your graduating class is the same as when you were in elementary school
  • You become an expert at avoiding potholes in the spring
  • You're not sure whether or not you've seen a potato field
  • You believe you deserve an award for going 55 mph on Eagle Road
  • In fourth grade, you were required to take Idaho history
  • Rocci Johnson and Larry Gebert are celebrities who have always been in your life
  • When you hear the word "inversion" all you can think about is "grey and dreary"
  • You don't think there's anything cute about a goat head because it has nothing to do with an animal
  • You trick-or-treated on Harrison Blvd. to get the good candy

What did I miss? Comment with what defines "being from Idaho"

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