Achy joints, a fever, terrible headache, super stuffy and extremely tired. It's all the symptoms of getting a cold. Right? Maybe you're wrong. I was. For me, it was allergies. I was fooled!

After a on the struggle bus (I was sleeping while songs were playing), I finally went home to get rest. I took cold medicine and I wasn't getting any better. I could not figure it out. My whole body was stiff like when I'm getting sick, I had a fever, I was all stuffed up and I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, I took allergy medicine and finally felt like I could pay attention to life.

I remember very little about Wednesday. That's not good.

allergy medicine

Tricky little allergies.

Two days after I started downing my healthy "meds" I felt human. Now I'm checking in on the pollen counts.




For allergy sufferers, tree pollen is literally trying to take us down. Also, what has my life come to that I'm writing about and researching allergy counts?

This is me backing away hoping that I've helped at least one person but also hoping that I'm not known for this at all.

Currently looking for something cool. Anything.

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