Spring brings out the best out of Boise's pups! From the moment the snow-sand and rock salt are replaced by warm weather, it's dogs on parade across the Treasure Valley. Even so, many Boise dog parents aren't in the know when it comes to which establishments welcome their fur babes. Over the last few decades, licensed emotional support companions were the only pups allowed in most institutions, but that's changed dramatically in recent times. Boise and Idaho in general are fantastic examples of what it means to be dog-friendly. From grocery stores to restaurants, and higher learning institutions, you might be surprised to learn which vendors are pro-pup.

Check out our list of 12 places you can bring your dogkids in Boise and across the Treasure Valley! It grows by the day, so feel free to message us with establishments we can add to the list.


1 || Albertsons

"No one accommodates my kind quite like Albertsons. And the meat sales? Unbeatable."


2 || Cattle Kate's

Holster our enthusiasm for this gun-totin' cowboy pup? Inconceivable.



3 || Dollar Tree

"Leashless in a discount store? This is fame, ya'll."


4 || Vapor Emporium

"These humans, duuude." *TAKES A DRAG*


5 || Spencer Opal Mine

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I'm in it for the opals."


6 || Marshalls

When last season's discounted dog fashion is life...


7 || Home Depot

"Hey, girl. I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor."


8 || Dillard's

"Shopping in-store is for the un-pearled peasantry, I'm afraid."


9 || Rite Aid

When the vet prescribes the good meds...


10 || Boise's Dog-Friendly Bars

"All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand."


11 || Lowe's

"I wish so many blessings on the house of the Lowe's hotdog vendor."


12 || Boise State's Campus

"I'm pre-law and pre-med. A leash is beneath a pup with my poise."

(Boise State's Policy 9160 Pup Policy)


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