The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is back for another colorful, sky filled event in Ann Morrison Park. This year's event begins on Wednesday and runs through the Labor Day Weekend.

The best part of this week leading into the holiday weekend is everything is free. The annual event is a gathering in the park to get up close with these massive hot air balloons, snap some great pictures for social media and watch them take flight across Boise. Let's get you the details.

The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is exactly what it's called, "the spirit of Boise!" This event is all about family and that's why the first day begins with the CapEd Kids Day designed to give children the experience of a lifetime in the park.

We celebrate the finale event on Friday that lights up the night sky as the sun sets on Boise called, The Night Glow. There could be over 15,000 Idahoans gathering in the park for hotdogs, burgers, live music, and a hot air balloon night glow extravaganza. It is a sight to see when all the hot air balloons are musically synchronized and you hear the roar of the crowd. The Friday Night Glow is definitely a bucket list event if you're in town this weekend.

Expect a launch every morning beginning Wednesday and running through Sunday (weather permitting). You can purchase coffee on-site so need to rush in the morning, we gotcha covered. Getting in and out during the morning hours isn't a problem and peep the weather. You might wanna bring a light blanket or jacket. The traffic coming into the Friday Night Glow event will be congested and expect heavy delays leaving. I'm posting a map so you can strategize parking including some great moments from previous years.

Darth Vadar and Yoda will make their return to Ann Morrison Park this week so don't be alarmed if you see the dark side hovering over Albertson's Stadium.

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