Either there's something weird in the water, or Boise is slowly becoming one of the worst places in the country to see a concert. Why? Because they keep getting cancelled!

For the record, Boise Music Festival is fully on. You can get tickets to see Ludacris & Jelly Roll here.

Why are concerts picking up and leaving town left and right? Let's go back and see what's transpired thus far.

  • In May, Rainbow Kitten Surprise cancelled their Boise show for the second year in a row
  • Heavy metal acts Godsmack and Staind called it quits on their August 18th show at the Ford Idaho Center
  • Rick Ross & Joyner Lucas just pulled the plug on their already postponed "Spring Break weekend" show

So, what the hell is happening with these concerts?

We don't have all the rumors, and we don't want to start speculating. However, being in the music game for a while now, there's usually an explanation when a concert suddenly disappears off the calendar.

Most often, it's a contract issue. Either there wasn't an actual contract signed, or one (or both) parties have an issue with said contract. This can sometimes lead to shows getting rescheduled or cancelled altogether at the last minute.

Occasionally, it's a weird permit thing. Either a venue, a location, a distributor, vendor or somebody forgot to get the proper permit/clearance with the city, and that can hinder a show's ability to run smoothly.

This last one is rare, but it happens: Artists and/or promotors just...don't show up sometimes. They'll collect the money, bounce, and never let anybody know. We're absolutely not saying this is the case here, but we've seen it happen in the past.

Just our two cents.


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