Have you ever had one of those "my child shouldn't be here" moments? I just had my first one on Friday night. My wife had met a friend downtown at The Reef, and invited me to come have dinner and bring our daughter. By the time I had received the text, readied our three-year-old, loaded up the car, and drove downtown- it was creeping up on 7:30. As I walked up the stairs approaching The Reef, I couldn't help but hear my internal voice asking if it was weird to bring a 3-year-old into The Reef at 7:30 on a Friday. Upon entering, I asked the Host. She laughed and said "of course!" So in we went. We made our way out to the Instagram Worthy famous Reef patio and sat down for some delicious food. Without notice, two hours passed. It started getting cold outside. It was then my wife and I looked at the time- yep, it was definitely time to head out. As we made our way to the door I could feel the eyes of 21+ year olds sipping cocktails looking at our small child. Even as we approached the door, I felt a tinge of awkwardness as we passed by the bouncer who now guarded the front entrance. DEFINITELY TIME TO GO! "Look at those lights!" Our daughter said, pointing to China Blue as we hurriedly hopped in our car.
Times have definitely changed. In years past, we'd have just been getting ready to go downtown. Now, we are rushing home at 9:30 to put our 3-year-old to bed! We've gone to beer bottles to milk bottles... but I don't mind. Cheers!

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