I've always thought downtown Boise could use one of these, and now we finally have one! Nestled in between the iconic Egyptian Theater and Chase Bank a new business has opened, one that in my opinion, downtown desperately needed. Call it whatever you want, a corner store, mini-gas-station store or bodega, but Downtown Boise finally has a convenient store.

Remember those Friday or Saturday nights of leaving one of Boise's bar's, in desperate need of a bottle of water or a bag of Cheetos? There are literary no options that were close by, or within walking distance. But now, JD's Bodega is open!

All I know is what I saw when I walked by the store  today but from the little  I saw I was impressed! They had everything a gas station would carry along with a pretty decent selection of beer and wine. The girl working inside said they will stay open till am on the weekends which is great if your looking for a quick snack on your way home.

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