This is special. I've had the privilege of working in radio for over a decade. During that time I've lived in different cities, worked with many people, and interviewed lots of artists. But, I would have to say without a doubt my favorite part of the job is meeting the people who listen to my show and the radio station. I can't really accurately describe it but it's like a sugary caffeine rush. Last week at Gberial Iglesias I genuinely wanted to shake the hand of every person who showed up. I stopped at about 2,000 people (where was the Purell hand sanitizer when I needed it) and wanted to keep going.

Side note- there was a man who attended the show that was suffering from terminal cancer. We were able to get him up to the stage. When I selected him, he almost burst into tears. He had the best attitude, far better than mine would be if I had to deal with what he was going through.

Anyways, another one of my favorite moments was running up onstage to open the show. You could feel the energy as soon as we stepped up on stage. Have you ever wondered what that would be like? Watch the video below to find out.

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