Over the last eight years I have flown back and forth from Phoenix to Boise every other weekend and that's just half the flying I've done. As a matter of fact according to my Southwest rapid rewards program I've flown more than 50 flights per year for the last 5 years. When you fly that much you end up seeing and traveling in some planes with interesting themes and paint jobs for example, the Southwest airlines "Shamu" plane (painted in honor of the famous Sea World whale), the Alaska airlines "Incredibles" plane, Air New Zealand has a "Lord of the rings" plane, China eastern airlines created a "Toy Story" plane, Westjet made a "Frozen" plane featuring Ana, Elsa and Olaf and my favorite has to be the Icelandair "Northern Lights . All of these planes are amazing in their own right but the latest and the greatest will make Star War fans rejoice all over the United States.

American Airlines has created a "Star Wars" plane. according to ktvb.com this plane will only fly domestically and will not have a dedicated flight schedule which will allow more people to see it nationwide. The plane can be tracked by clicking here. Interestingly enough the plane has a blue light saber side and a red side as well. Fair warning though... This is NO Millenium Falcon. According to United Airlines its a 737-800 aircraft and is part of the latest Star Wars movie "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker." marketing campaign.



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