Boise's Aaron Paul is riding a high after his Breaking Bad follow up El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie released via Netflix a couple weeks ago. I finally watched it last week once my best friend flew into Boise so we could watch together. It was hard waiting a couple weeks but these things are always better to see with someone who stans the way you do.

Besides his premiere here in Boise at the Egyptian, he's done an LA premiere, Jimmy Kimmel, Live With Kelly and Ryan, and a bunch of other promo stops, and now he's on one of my favorite web series: Complex's Sneaker Shopping.

You may not have seen this series before, but it's basically that. Shopping at the biggest sneaker retailers, usually New York or LA, with Joe La Puma and the biggest stars.

Aaron Paul aka Jessie Pinkman breaks down his style, both in real life and in character.

Peep below for a different insight into the world of Breaking Bad! I'm sure you'll become addicted to this series if you aren't already.


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