Have you ever found yourself out with a bunch of friends having so much fun, you lose track of time? Those are always the best moments and even among our habit of always checking our phone--sometimes, they can prove inconvenient.

A good example of this would be my visit to Alefort (the beer festival portion of Treefort Music Festival) with some friends of mine on Saturday. Here I was, excited for one of the best events all year long...and we didn't even get a picture. SO, you'll have to take my word for it when I say I had an absolute BLAST this Alefort. Before we made our way over, we had to catch some college basketball--so above you can see the group of us "warming up" for the fun that was ahead of us.

Despite long lines to get in to Alefort, it was totally worth the wait. The beer garden had seemingly grown since the year prior and selections of beer and cider were ample. Three of my favorites were:

  • Melvin Brewing's honey ale--this had a perfect balance of "hoppy IPA" and sweetness
  • Payette Brewing's hibiscus and guava sour-- super sweet but light and refreshing
  • Mother Earth Brewing's coconut brown ale - it was like drinking a candy bar but NOT heavy in any way...definitely the most unique beer I sampled all day.

If you made it out to Alefort this year, hopefully you found some brews that you'll be picking up in stores between now and next years event!  Any suggestions for me? Post up a comment!

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