It seems like this is all we've been hearing about lately: the solar eclipse. It's an exciting event that will only happen once in most of our lifetimes and it's bringing thousands to Idaho for prime viewing. That said, if you're viewing or taking photos, you'll definitely be needing some protective gear for your lenses and your eyes.

You may have saw our Facebook Live video a couple of weeks ago when Kekeluv and I told you we NEARLY ordered some custom solar eclipse glasses to give everyone, but the safety warnings and specifications required to be safe were just far too advanced for us to feel comfortable purchasing.  In fact, some consumers have indeed purchased glasses that may not be safe and Amazon has issued a recall.

Amazon has began recalling solar eclipse glasses that were not purchased from a verified and recommended manufacturer and emails from the online retail giant began going out on Saturday.

If you purchased glasses from Amazon, you'll want to check your email for a notice warning against using those from

If you want to be safe and check your glasses anyway, that seems a smart decision. You can check out the safety requirements and HOW to tell if your glasses are good to use by reading an article from the American Astronomical Society, HERE.

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