Are we tired of talking about the Solar Eclipse yet? I've watched Chris Cruise get scolded by listeners because he didn't think it was that special. I was one of the 20,000 views on local sister station 580 Kido, Kevin Miller's quick 2 minutes live Eclipse update. I saw several photos on Instagram and even checked in on my son who was out of town. Did you see the weather girl cry on live television because she was so overwhelmed? Here's what you missed around the Treasure Valley and beyond. It was a BIG week and it's already over!

Kevin Miller's take on the Solar Eclipse

Here's a quick gallery from our studios

My wife took our son to visit his cousins and sent me this photo.

Kekeluv son, Lennox
Kekeluv son, Lennox

















I came across this one that I saved for a quick creative laugh. How did he do that?

This one has sparked outrage in the case you were or weren't offended - The Trump vs Obama Eclipse.

Then you had this version

Meanwhile, in a bar near you...

Oh, for the Trump haters and creators of the Trump Eclipse comes the....

Then, you have the sweet posts that touch you...

Stephanie Abrams gets emotional as she describes the Sun dancing behind the Moon on live television.

Then for all the millions of people that traveled to see this once in a lifetime event, 2 minutes afterward...

Then there's always keeping it "Loco"

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