Ouch! Just the thought of damaged eyes makes me cringe. With the solar eclipse now over, however, I think it is fair to say we're done seeing eclipse glasses in the stores.

The funny looking glasses were no joke, though. You may have seen in one of our Facebook Live videos recently that we were about one single click of the mouse away from ordering our custom solar eclipse glasses here at 103.5 KISSFM until we learned how serious NASA was taking their approval process for use. Yes, the eclipse can actually ruin your vision without the glasses.

According to NPR, less than an hour after the eclipse occurred, one of the most googled things had to do with eye pain or vision issues. Hopefully, everyone was wearing their glasses.  However, if you or someone you know looked up without them and have concerns, there are ways to tell if your eyes are damaged.

It will take about 12 hours for you to even notice your vision may have been damaged.  It has been much longer than that now, so hopefully you aren't seeing any differently than normal. If someone were to look at the sun quickly, chances of damage are slim, but present. Symptoms of damage from the eclipse include blurred vision, multiple spots, or even missing spots from your normal vision. Symptoms vary case by case depending on what type of damage your eyes may have taken.

If you have any concerns, you should absolutely see an eye doctor sooner rather than later.

To read the complete article from NPR, click HERE

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