It's my favorite time of the week--Missed Connections Day!  I stumbled across these dating-oriented Craigslist posts a while ago and was shocked at how many local people are looking for that person they saw earlier in the day or week.  I have to wonder--how many of these pan out!? I love it when you can actually recognize the person, though--it's been fun to see people tagged on our Facebook page!

I dug through and found some fun ones...maybe they're about you or a friend?

Let's start with this classic post that stemmed from an experience at...JO-ANN FABRIC of all places!

I hope you see this. You were in line to check out in front of my wife and me. We were both checking you out and talking about what you were wearing. You kept turning and looking at us, putting your hand on your ass and rubbing. When we went up to the counter next to you, I saw you take a good look. What you were wearing was turning us both on. We would love to get together with you and see where we can take it. I think we all had the same thoughts and fantasies. Let us know what your were wearing and what kind of car we drove off in..

A Stinker isn't where to you plan to meet someone, but this person is looking for the beautiful redhead that was there on Franklin Rd....

to the beautiful red head girl on Franklin across from Wendy's and Cabbella's. You have a great smile and no ring on so If you respond to this id like to take you out to maybe drinks and dinner. You mentioned where you work to to teller and me! just reply the place you work in your email so I know it's I missed you in the parking lot

Love in a Drive-Thru? Totally possible...and if you work at the Carls Jr. in Boise, someone is looking for you

I was in a silver car and ordered a burrito in the drive thru about 1040 am. I felt like we shared an attracted look...i hope you see this, you are gorgeous. Id love to hang out sometime

Last but not least...a very specific post... Kristina from a vet office--someone REALLY wants to talk to you. Single?


The chances are low that you see this, but here goes anyways. I used to work out at the Planet Fitness at State and Glenwood. You used to work there and I enjoyed seeing you there when I checked in. Your cute smile made my day.

And then I saw you worked at the veterinarian's office at State and Old Horseshoe Bend Road. I never minded bringing my dog in when you were there...

Hope you see this and respond. I would like to get to know you.


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