With the State of Idaho on the brink of Phase 4--more and more reopening is about to happen. It has been fun to watch so many patios, restaurants, bars, and places of business open up. Full transparency, knowing that COVID-19 is still out there, I get a little nervous. But at some point, we've got to get back at it...safely...and I really appreciate the businesses that have spearheaded the efforts so far.

After wandering around downtown Boise over the past two weekends, I've really appreciated the way that The Balcony Club has handled re-opening, putting the safety of their patrons first. Now, they have announced via Facebook that they will be giving back in a big way!

On Saturday June 13th and Friday June 19th, given Phase 4 moves forward, The Balcony Club will be giving ALL cover charges to National Bail Out, a black-led and black-centered group that bails out community members and provides serious support and resources to those victim to and working towards transforming the criminal justice system.

While you're out this weekend, pop by The Balcony Club, say what's up to all of my friends over there, grab a few drinks, and know that just entering the door is making a pretty awesome contribution!


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