2023 isn't pulling any punches. So far this year we've lost Tina Turner, Panic! At The Disco announced they're breaking up, and now you want to go and pull this crap on us?

Give us a freaking break, 2023. We're tired and are in dire need of a nap.

We're going to experience another massive lose this year. Idaho is about to lose one of its favorite restaurant franchises after 15 years...and you'll have to travel out of state if you want to enjoy their delicacies moving forward.

That's right. The last-standing location of T.G.I. Friday's in Idaho is about to close its doors. More specifically, the Nampa location. We can't believe it either.

Without much of an explanation, T.G.I. Friday's Nampa posted this recently on their Facebook page:

In 15 years, we have been a part of your birthdays, first dates, engagements, and anniversaries, and we have loved turning our guests into our friends. We will miss you!


Why is T.G.I. Fridays making a hasty exit from the Gem State? They haven't said as of yet.

It's going to be sad next time you look up a T.G.I.F. near you, come to this page, and eventually get redirected because it no longer exists. Maybe 2024 will be better. Maybe our favorite celebrities will come back to life, our favorite bands will get back together, and our favorite restaurant will make its triumphant return to the Treasure Valley. Imagine the smiles on children's faces. The delight of the entire family.

Looks like imagining is all we're going to get to do. Sad!


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